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11/6/2011 -

I've been planning a user interface to integrate into the engine and I have a few ideas of the features I'd like to support. Neoforce's UI and Nuclex Framework's UI both have things that I like (such as the fractional offsetting from Nuclex and the drop shadow / bloom from Neoforce).

I've started a small project with the engine to showcase some of the features and, to be frank, it's a block engine. I will be adding day/night cycles and chunk loading later to make it *infinite terrain* but as of now it works great with 32x32 block chunks that contain 16x16x128 blocks (the world is Z up and X forward) running at about 180 on Windows. Yes, I will release that source code as an example as well :).

 I'll try to keep up with posting and source code updates but as of right now school is picking up and I will have a full load next week for the next five weeks. I'll try to make a release that contains the binaries for windows but don't hold your breath.

11/3/2011 -

I will start to remove a few namespaces from the Core assembly, starting with Sigma.Core.Input. I hope to make it a bit easier to choose other input systems over my own. I've also added a console that can have commands

associated with it (as well as having a few built in). Lastly there has been a "starter kit" of sorts posted in the examples folder for you to help get your own games started faster.

11/2/2011 -

I have added a new assembly called Game. It has a pretty generic implementation of an Actor class and some camera types. Currently it is referencing Core but I hope to remove that soon. I have committed a new change set up and  

the most notable change is to the deferred rendering light drawing functions. I removed the dependency to the ICamera interface and replaced it with raw matrix and vector locations instead. One more thing that slipped my mind, I'll

be adding a template project to help you get started sooner.

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