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Sigma Epsilon


Sorry for the lack of updates, school has been kicking my butt these days. I have decided to change the name of the engine and do a massive refactor over thanksgiving weekend and I will post up the changes in a different location. Stay tuned.

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SE is an XNA 4.0 based game framework that I'm building to help reinforce and self teach valuable techniques in game engine development. I also view this as a chance to give back to the awesome XNA community.

* I'm currently evaluating the design and I will weigh the pro's and cons of having as few assemblies as possible against abstracting out namespaces for a more modular design, expect drastic changes *

Take a look at the News section for the latest updates and future plans.

Some notable features include

  • Dependency Injection with Ninject (A slightly tweaked version of the one found from Cygon's blog, check out his Nuclex Framework!)
  • Event based input system
  • Simple yet highly extensible, allowing you to completely rewrite entire sections of the engine
  • Redesigned GameComponent and DrawableGameComponent classes enhance portability and reduce coupling
  • Split screen view port management that easily allows for drop in/out and cleanly handles player cameras
  • Display adapter management: easily get all supported resolutions from the machine and switch between them easily.
  • Debug console that have command actions added to it very easily

Coming Soon

  • Forward Rendering
  • Multi Threaded Update/Draw
  • Post Processing Chains
  • Xbox 360 and Windows Phone 7 builds
  • Deferred Rendering with easy Point Light/Directional lighting capabilities (still needs more work)


I hope to use this in a few personal projects, such as voxel based landscape rendering and procedural planet generation. I guess a few games wouldn't hurt either :).


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